David Mason 2.0

Hello everyone!

To old and new customers, thank you for visiting David Mason!

I have spent the better part of 2017 trying to figure out what the future of David Mason is going to be for late 2017 and beyond.

When I launched the brand in 2015 I wanted to make edgy, funny, and fashion forward graphic tee's. I wanted sexy, fun marketing that resembled men's underwear campaigns, more than men's graphic tee's.  I wanted to find my niche in the gay community.  I think I kind of did that.  When we (my hubby, my cat and myself) abruptly moved out of WI and were in transit for 3 months prior to landing in our new home of Palm Springs CA, things went a drift, and the momentum David Mason had drifted away.

So I took some time to figure things out. Being a one-man show, I had to decide what was in my capability, and what made sense for the business, and not just 'oh this will be cool!', like I started doing when we first landed in CA.

I sat down and spent countless evenings just designing graphics without a thought as to a collection, colors, or any real focus. ..and I had fun.  I was making graphics, deleting graphics and making better ones, and I started to slowly build a refined vision of David Mason.

I always knew I wanted to have women's graphic tee's. I always knew that I wanted my brand to be 'retro'. I always knew I wanted my brand to be multi-dimensional in its offerings. And in late 2016 I was asked to create a junior girls collection of graphic tee's for department store retailers, which later inspired me to add kids to David Mason.

I started to do a lot of research on branding, and how to capture the look and feel of my brand becoming truly, and authentically retro.  ...just like I always wanted but did not execute to the level I am now. I played around a lot. Whether it was with color stories, fonts, or images. I just had fun sorting through all the ideas in my head and on my computer screen (thanks Google search!).  I took my time, and didn't rush the process. 

Now here I am, waiting in a queue on my web host's website to make sure my shipping information is put in correctly on my new David Mason website.  I am VERY happy with what I have to show for my hard work, and countless nights at my computer screen playing my iTunes playlists and drinking red wine while I created David Mason 2.0.

I hope you see something different in David Mason than what you see in other brands. I hope, for my customers that have been with me since I launched, you see a more consistent, more evolved, and more diverse brand with this launch. And I hope old and new customers feel excited and passionate about the collections and the product that I've created. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing people wearing David Mason, and hearing stories of why they love the shirts they buy.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, and enjoy all the new product! I can't wait to see so many of you in your #davidmason!