About us


My favorite thing to answer (and the most commonly asked question is how did I come up with the name.  I came up with David Mason because I wanted there to be a story behind the brand that had personal meaning. So I played around with a ton of different name combo's of various people, places, things that mean a lot to me. So here's the breakdown:

David is my dad's name, which is also my middle name.

Mason is the street I grew up on in Appleton Wisconsin.

I've spent the most of 2017 figuring out the direction that I want to take David Mason going forward.  I am very pleased, and very excited to launch this fall with the new look and feel of David Mason. And I hope each of you enjoy it as well. 

Company Facts:

  • Founded in 2015
  • Began in Milwaukee WI, now located in Palm Springs, CA.
  • Products are designed & printed in America; specifically California.
  • I (Jeff), am a one man show! It's just me, and my computer, and my super sassy, and lovable feline, Florence. She's always around for moral support.
  • #davidmason on social!